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Weekly Affirmation, February 5th, 2023

Every week I like to give my students a new affirmation to carry with them into the coming week. In addition, I have started creating a meditation practice to connect with the affirmation to give you the tools to create moments in your day for intentional reflection.

This week's affirmation, "Success and Abundance Follow me Wherever I Go."

What are the things that have been weighing you down this week? Perhaps it's a never ending job search, maybe it's moving to a new place and trying to build new friendships, maybe your relationship just ended and you're struggling to pick up the pieces.

Life takes us all on many twists and turns, and while it's important to take the time to process and grieve the moments and situations in our lives that don't line up the way that we had hoped; it's also incredibly important to remember that there are always blessings and good things around us. Affirmations aren't necessarily prayers for things hoped for, although they can be, I consider them more affirming the blessings that are already in our lives. Didn't get the job that would've been perfect for you? Then it wasn't the right job because, success and abundance follow me wherever I go. Dream person broke it off with you? Maybe there were things I didn't see because success and abundance follow me wherever I go. It is important to remember that our success and the blessings in our lives are not dependent on these things, but rather already a part of us and exist within ourselves.

It's important to recognize the good things that are in our lives. As we recite our affirmations, it opens our eyes to see that our lives are already full of success and abundance. It reminds us to find the gratitude in every day; even the ones that don't go as planned.

This Week's Meditation

A new addition to my weekly newsletter is incorporating a small meditation practice so we can really make the time to rest in this week's affirmation.

Find a quite space in your home, car, or job.

Recite with me, "Success and Abundance Follow me Wherever I go."

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Spend a few moments in silence letting this week's affirmation permeate your mind.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

What comes to mind as you find rest in your space? What things can you find gratitude in, what ways have you found success this week and what can you actively name as abundant in your life?

Begin to thank the universe for those things, and as you thank the universe, create a path for you to grow in abundance and find success no matter your walk in life.


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