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Welcome to The Hot Spot


Physically and digitally

Visit us at

5865 W Ray Rd Suite 5, Chandler, AZ 85226

(602) 753-7333


Hot Flow

This is our classic vinyasa style heated yoga class. Join us for an hour of mindful movement where we connect with our breath. You'll leave feeling energized and in tune with your peace. 

Hot Power

A mix between vinyasa yoga and a strength class, our Hot Power incorporates weights and will help you build muscle while also encouraging classic yoga practices of mindful movement and breath work. Come ready to sweat!

Restorative Yin

Our yoga practice is a combination of sthira and sukha, or "effort" and "ease". This yin style class is a great balance to slow down our busy lives. We will combine gentle stretching and breath work to create a relaxing evening.

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