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Why I Started CM Yoga

My first ever yoga experience was during a high school gym class. I had done dance and gymnastics growing up so I enjoyed the compliment yoga had on those activities but I didn't really care to dive deeper than those few classes. In college, I started taking yoga classes in my own free time and enjoyed the soft flows, calming meditations, and workouts I could attain within my practice. However, after college, I wasn't committed to a studio so I started to practice at home and that is when I really fell in love with my practice. Because of that, I began to get curious about the history of yoga and wanted to learn more.

I was in a transitional period within my career and decided to fill that free time with a yoga teacher training program to help deepen my own practice. Note: you do not have to have a TON of free time to enroll in a program. There are so many options out there that will work with your schedule if you decide that teacher training is for you!

These teacher trainings are packed with so much information and go so much deeper than just learning the asanas (postures). As I began to learn more about the history of yoga and the different limbs of a yoga practice (i.e. breath work (pranayama), moral restraints (yamas), and self-improvement (niyamas), to name a few), I fell more in love with yoga as a whole.

In the middle of my program, I was still unconvinced that I wanted to teach; but after leading a community class with my fellow instructors-to-be I was sucked into the high that came from connecting and leading my students. I decided to apply for a teaching position with the studio I completed my training at and started to grow my voice as an instructor.

After teaching at the studio for about a year, I connected with my first private student and really enjoyed the one-on-one connection we built. I was able to tailor our sessions to fit her needs, give her direct feedback, and answer specific questions for her. When you are able to give someone your undivided attention for the entirety of their practice you create this bond and that bond brought me so much joy. And that is how CM Yoga was born! As I began meeting more of my students I was so impressed with how different they all were and how yoga was able to bring something special to each of them.

As I reflect on all of the events that have led me to where I am in my business and personal practice, I cannot help but feel even more trust in the universe. From a part-time hobby to a full-time career, driven by a passion for yoga as a whole; I am incredibly grateful to be on this path. I love connecting with my students and watching their love for their practice evolve. If you're ready to deepen your love for yoga, shoot me an email and let's talk about what your journey might look like!


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