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4 ways to strengthen and stretch your hip flexors

Our hip flexors are made up of a large group of muscles. Two of the biggest players are the psoas major and the iliacus muscle. These muscles connect our legs, pelvis and lower back. The main function of this muscle group is to allows us to swing our legs forward, so think about walking or kicking a ball. If you are experiencing hip or lower back pain, it could be due to tightness in this muscle group. Try these 4 movements to help strengthen and stretch your hip flexors!

My YouTube video is linked here for you to follow along:

*Always consult your primary care physician before starting a yoga practice.

Bridge pose with a single leg lift:

You can do this with or without a band around your thighs. Start by laying on your back and place your feet right under your knees. Lift your glutes off of the ground for bridge pose. Slowly, begin to pick one foot off of the ground at a time, bending at the hip. Gently, place that foot back down and switch sides.

Reclined band marches:

Again, you can do this with or without a band. Lift your knees above your hips and bend your knees to 90 degrees (reverse table top pose). Slowly, extend one heel down towards your mat at a time and gently pull your knee back up into place. Switch sides. This is also a great way to help strengthen your core, so if you feel your low back arching away from the ground, you can slide your hands under your glutes for more support.


Sitting in a comfortable position, turn one knee out to the side (outward rotation) and bend your knee. Turn your other knee towards your opposite foot (inward rotation). Your knees might be lifted off of the ground, and that's OK! You can place your hands down behind you and lean back for a little relief. Slowly, lift your knees up and rock over to the other side. Repeat 10-15 times.

Pigeon pose:

Start in a high plank or table top position. Bring your right knee up towards your right wrist and bring your foot over towards the left side of your mat. Your left knee can come down to the floor and slide your left leg straight back behind you. You can stay up and supported on your hands or you can come down to your elbow (you can also use a block or something under your hands to bring the floor a little closer you. Rest here for 30-60 seconds and then switch sides.

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